Fun-A-Day Baltimore

Fun-A-Day 10 | 2782-2774 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD

During the first month of 2011, I took photos of old buildings nearly every day (25/31 is not too bad!) as part of an event known as Fun-A-Day. For 2012, I wanted to get more folks in Baltimore to participate and to organize a small show for anyone who was interested. It didn’t take long to set up a Fun-A-Day Baltimore website and connect with a local artist who started a Facebook event page. I’ve been kicking around a few local history ideas for a project I can tackle for January 2012 from a “walking tour”-a-day to a “building history”-a-day but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

Any suggestions?


My first Fun-A-Day project, a 12 page pamphlet on Orange County Modern architecture, is now online.


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